NCERT Class X Science Class: Chapter – 7. Control and Coordination – Part-3 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Question 13:

Iodine is necessary for the synthesis of which hormone?

(a) Adrenaline

(b) Thyroxine

(c) Auxin

(d) Insulin

Answer: B

Image the Thyrotropic Hormone

Question 14:

Choose the incorrect statement about insulin

(a) It is produced from pancreas

(b) It regulates growth and development of the body

(c) It regulates blood sugar level

(d) Insufficient secretion of insulin will cause diabetes

Answer: B

Question 15:

Select the mis-matched pair

(a) Adrenaline: Pituitary gland

(b) Testosterone: Testes

(c) Estrogen: Ovary

(d) Thyroxin: Thyroid gland

Answer: A

Question 16:

The shape of guard cells changes due to change in the

(a) Protein composition of cells

(b) Temperature of cells

(c) Amount of water in cells

(d) Position of nucleus in the cells

Answer: C

Image the Stomata

Question 17:

The growth of tendril in pea plants is due to

(a) Effect of light

(b) Effect of gravity

(c) Rapid cell divisions in tendrillar cells that are away from the support

(d) Rapid cell divisions in tendrillar cells in contact with the support

Answer: C

Image Nagatively and Positively Geotropic

Question 18:

The growth of pollen tubes towards ovules is due to

(a) Hydrotropism

(b) Chemotropism

(c) Geotropism

(d) Phototropism

Answer: B

Image Carpel

Question 19:

The movement of sunflower in accordance with the path of sun is due to

(a) Phototropism

(b) Geotropism

(c) Chemotropism

(d) Hydrotropism

Answer: A

Image the Phototropism