NCERT Class VI Science Solutions: Chapter 1-Food: Where Does It Come from? Part 4 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Long Answer Questions

Question 17:

Read the names of animals written in the inner ring of Fig. Within the second ring write the types of food they eat and the category to which they belong (based on the eating habit) in the outermost ring. One example has been worked out for you. Use red, green and blue colours for writing.

As Showing in Images is a Names of Animals


  1. Eagle - birds/small animals/meat/others- Omnivore
  2. Crocodile - fish/snake/animals living near the river banks of river — Carnivore
  3. Elephant - grass/sugarcane/leaves/coconut/others — Herbivore
  4. Crow - food grains/rat/meat/food items/insects — Omnivore
  5. Lion - deer/rabbit/zebra/giraffe/cow/others — Carnivore

Question 18:

Connect the animal with the food it eats by an arrow using different colours in Fig. One is done for you.

As Showing Images for Different Colours


Any four correct answer.

  • Lion – goat.
  • Lizard - insects, spider.
  • Rat – grains.
  • Snake – Rat.
  • Goat - grain/grass.
  • Spider - insects

Question 19:

List two of your favorite food Items and mention their ingredients.


Food Item and Ingredients
Hint:Food itemIngredients
DalPulses, water, salt, oil, spices.
IdleRice, urad dal, salt, water.
Rice and Pulses

Any other item can be given as the answer.

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