NCERT Class VI Science Solutions: Chapter 12 – Electricity and Circuits Part 1

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Question 1:

Choose from the options a, b, c and d given in Fig, the figure which shows the correct direction of current.

Result for current passing to wire

Current Passing to Wire

Answer: B

Image of flow of electric current

Image of Flow of Electric Current

Question 2:

Choose the incorrect statement.

  1. A switch is the source of electric current in a circuit.

  2. A switch help to complete or break the circuit.

  3. A switch helps us to use electricity as per our requirement.

  4. When the switch is open there is an air gap between its terminals.

Answer: A

Question 3:

In an electric bulb, light is produced due to the glowing of

  1. The glass case of the bulb.

  2. The thin filament.

  3. The thick wires supporting the filament.

  4. Gases Inside glass case of the bulb.

Answer: B

Question 4:

In the following arrangement shown in Fig, the bulb will not glow if the ends A and B are connected with

Result for electrical circuit

Electrical Circuit

  1. A steel spoon

  2. A metal clip

  3. A plastic clip

  4. A copper wires

Answer: C