NCERT Class VI Science Solutions: Chapter 12 – Electricity and Circuits Part 5 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Question 20:

Boojho has a cell and a single piece of connecting wire. Without cutting the wire in two, will he be able to make the bulb glow? Explain with the help of a circuit diagram.


Yes, using the arrangement given below he can succeed in getting the bulb glow.

Result for Bulb in Connected Battery

Question 21:

Fig, A and B, show a bulb connected to a cell in two different ways.

Result for Bulb Connected to a Cell in Two Different Ways
  1. What will be the direction of the current through the bulb in both the cases? (Q to P or P to Q)
  2. Will the bulb glow in both the cases?
  3. Does the brightness of the glowing bulb depend on the direction of current through it?


  1. In Fig. (1) Q to P

In Fig. (2) P to Q

  1. Yes
  2. No

Question 22:

Think of six activities which use electric current. Also name the devices used to perform the activity.

Activity You Perform and Device (Q)
Activity you performDevice


Activity You Perform and Device (A)
Activity you performDevice
Get lightTorch
Heat waterGeyser/immersion rod
Make toastToaster
Cook foodHeater/microwave
Listen to musicCD player/radio/i-pod

Question 23:

A torch is not functioning, though contact points in the torch are in working condition. What can be the possible reasons for this? Mention any three.


The possible reason could be

  1. The bulb may be fused.
  2. The cells may have been used up.
  3. The cells are not placed in the correct order.
  4. The switch is faulty. (Any three)

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