NCERT Class VI Science Solutions: Chapter 13 – Fun with Magnets Part 3 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Question 10:

Four identical iron bars were dipped in a heap of iron filings one by one. Fig, shows the amount of iron filings sticking to each of them.

Result for Iron Filings
  1. Which of the iron bar is likely to be the strongest magnet?
  2. Which of the iron bars is not a magnet? Justify your answer.


  1. A seems to be the strongest magnet because the maximum amount of iron filing are sticking to it, maximum iron filing have been attracted by it.
  2. B because there are no iron filings sticking to it.

Question 11:

A toy car has a bar magnet laid hidden inside its body along its length. Using another magnet how will you find out which pole of the magnet is facing the front of the car?


If the front of the toy car gets attracted to the north pole of the given magnet then it is the south pole of the bar magnet hidden inside the car.

Question 12:

Match Column I with Column II (One option of A can match with more than one option of B)

Match the Items of Column I and Column II
Column IColumn II
  1. Magnet attracts
  • Rests along a particular direction
  • Magnet can be repelled
  • Iron
  • Magnet if suspended freely
  • By another magnet
  • Poles of the magnet can be identified by
  • Iron filings


  1. ii, iii and iv

A magnet can attract magnetic materials like iron, iron filings and another magnet.

  1. iii

If the north pole of a magnet is brought near the north pole of another magnet, then they both repel each other. Similarly, S – S poles of two magnets repel each other.

  1. i

A magnet always stops in a particular direction (N - S) , if suspended freely from a thread from its center.

  1. iii

Poles of a magnet can be identified only if we have another magnet having its poles marked as North Pole and South Pole because only then we can see the attraction and repulsion between N – S poles and N – N poles, respectively.

Question 13:

You are provided with two identical metal bars. One out of the two is a magnet. Suggest two ways to identify the magnet.


  1. By suspending the metal bars.
  2. By attracting iron filings.
  3. Using another magnet.
Magnetic Field Lines