NCERT Class VI Science Solutions: Chapter 13 – Fun with Magnets Part 5

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Question 19:

A bar magnet is cut into two pieces A and B, from the middle, as shown in Fig.

Result for A bar magnet is cut into two pieces A and B

A Bar Magnet is Cut into Two Pieces a and B

Will the two pieces act as individual magnets? Mark the poles of these two pieces. Suggest an activity to verify your answer.


By the test of repulsion

Result for Two magnet

Two Magnet

Question 20:

Suggest an arrangement to store a U shaped magnet. How is this different from storing a pair of bar magnets?


U shaped magnet - One metal plate is placed across the two poles of the U shaped magnet.

Result for U shaped magnet

U Shaped Magnet

Bar magnet -Use two metal plates and one wooden block. Arrange them as shown in the figure

Result for metal plates and one wooden block

Metal Plates and One Wooden Block

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