NCERT Class VI Science Solutions: Chapter 16 – Garbage in Garbage Out Part 5 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Question 17:

Write 3 sentences on what conies to your mind when you chance to see the following.

  1. A rag picker.
  2. A cow eating a polythene bag.
  3. Foul odour emanating from garbage at the entrance of your house.


Rag Picker
  1. Poor people or poverty.
  2. Removing the garbage generated by others.
  3. Exposing himself to harmful substances.
  4. Sorting out the recyclable waste.


Cow Eating a Polythene Bag
  1. Exposing cow to hazardous material.
  2. Possibility of polythene choking the animal to death.
  3. Incorrect/improper disposal of polythene by us.
  4. Large quantity of waste generated.
  5. Expecting others to clear the waste generated by us.
  6. Unhealthy surrounding.
  7. Unpleasant sight.

Any other.

Question 18:

Beautiful hand crafted articles like boxes and toys are made of paper pulp in our country. Can you explain how paper pulp which is made from paper can be used to make hard boxes and other articles?


By following these simple steps, we can make hard boxes or other articles from the recycle paper pulp:

  1. Create a Stencil by unfolding a small, one piece cardboard box and trace it on a piece of cardboard that is the same size as your mold. Then, cut out that shape with scissors.
  2. Place the box stencil between your mold and deckle
  3. Raise the mold, deckle and stencil to the surface in one continuous motion and then remove them from the pulp.
  4. Remove the box from the stencil and let the paper dry.
  5. Assemble the box by folding and gluing or taping the edges. Decorates it as your need.

Question 19:

Recently, a ban on plastic bags has been imposed in many places? Is the ban justified? Give reasons in three sentences.


The recent ban on plastic bags is justified because:

1. The resources used to create the bags are scarce.

2. They harm the environment when disposed of improperly and also are visible blight of roadside litter.

3. Cost of disposing or recycling them is high, as they are non – biodegradable.

Question 20:

Why should we not burn plastic items?


  1. They do not burn easily.
  2. The burnt pieces may be eaten by cows and choke them.
  3. The gases emanated prove to be a health hazard for humans.
  4. The ashes left on burning are toxic.
  5. Adds to soil polutlon.

Any other.

Question 21:

What happens when?

  1. Cooking medium is made to flow down a drain.
  2. Insecticides, motor oil, paints are poured down the drain.
  3. Tea leaves, cotton swabs and old soft toys are thrown into the drain.


  1. Clog pores in soil and may block pipes.
  2. Kill useful micmbes which help purify water.
  3. Choke the drains.

Question 22:

Answer the following questions in one or two words or sentences:

  1. Why should we prefer to use paper bags rather than polythene bags?
  2. Who, out of the following should properly dispose of the garbage - father, mother, cider brother, younger sister?
  3. Which one out of beetles, roundworm and earthworm are used for vermicomposting and why?


  1. Paper can be recycled. polythene bags do not degrade.
  2. Every member should do it.
  3. Earthworms. They convert waste from plants and animals or their product into compost.

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