NCERT Class VI Science Solutions: Chapter 6 – Changes around Us Part 4

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Question 18:

Change of a bud into a flower is a change which cannot be reversed. Give four more such example.


  1. Milk Into curd

  2. Burning of wood

  3. Ripening of fruits

Image of Ripening of fruits

Image of Ripening of Fruits

  1. Digestion of food

Question 19:

Paheli mixed flour arid water and

  1. Made a dough.

  2. Rolled the dough to make a chapati.

  3. Baked the chapati on a pan.

  4. Dried the chapati and ground it in a grinder to make powder.

Identify the changes (i) to (iv) as the changes that can be reversed or that cannot be reversed.


Changes (i), (iii) and (iv) cannot be reversed, change (ii) can be reversed.

Question 20:

It was Paheli’s birthday, her brother Simba was helping her to decorate the house for the birthday party and their parents were also busy making other arrangements. Following were the activities going on at Paheli’s home:

  1. Simba blow balloons and put them on the wall.

  2. Some of the balloons got burst.

  3. Paheli cut colorful strips of paper and put them on the wall with the help of tape.

  4. She also made some flowers by origami (paper folding) to decorate the house.

  5. Her father made dough balls.

  6. Mother rolled the dough balls to make puries.

  7. Mother heated oil in a pan.

  8. Father fried the puries in hot oil.

Identify the activities at Paheli’s home as those that can be reversed and those which cannot be reversed.


Activities (i), (iv), (v), (vi) and (vii) can be reversed and rest cannot be reversed.

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