NCERT Class VI Science Solutions: Chapter 9 – The Living Organisms and their Surroundings Part 5

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Question 25:

Read the features of plants given below:

  1. Thick waxy stem.

  2. Short roots.

  3. Cone shaped plants.

  4. Sloping branches.

  5. Small or spine-like leaves.

  6. Hollow stem.

Choose the type of plant for every feature given in a, b, e, d, e and f from the list given below:

Aquatic plant. Desert plant. Mountainous plant.


Aquatic plant

Image of Aquatic plant

Image of Aquatic Plant

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Desert Plant

Image of desert plants

Image of Desert Plants

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Mountainous plant

Image of Mountainous plant

Image of Mountainous Plant

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  1. Desert plant

  2. Aquatic plant

  3. Mountainous plants

  4. Mountainous plant

  5. Desert plant

  6. Aquatic plant


Question 26:

Like many animals although a car also moves it is not considered as a living organism. Give 2-3 reasons.



  1. Living organisms move on their own.

  2. Car moves by the burning of fuels like diesel and petrol.

  3. Car does not show any other living characteristics like respiration, digestion, reproduction, growth.

Question 27:

What are the adaptive features of a lion that helps it in hunting?


  1. Brown body colour helps it to hide in dry land avoiding detection by its prey.

  2. Eyes placed in front allow it to know the exact location and movements of its prey.

  3. Powerful paws and long claws help it to catch and kill the prey.