NCERT Class VII Science Solutions: Chapter 1-Nutrition in Plants Part 4 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Question 18:

Wild animals like tiger, wolf, lion and leopard do not cat plants. Does this mean that they can survive without plants? Can you provide a suitable explanation?


It is true that these animals do not eat plants. They hunt and eat herbivorous animals like deer, gaur, bison, zebra, giraffe, etc. which are dependent on plants for food. If there are no plants, herbivorous animals will not survive in which case animals like tiger, wolf, lion and leopard will have nothing to eat.

Herbivore Animals

Question 19:

Fill in the blanks of the paragraph given below with the words provided in the box.

Chlorophyll, Energy, Food, Carbon dioxide, Water, Photosynthesis

Note: A word can be used more than once.

Leaves have a green pigment called ________which captures ________from sunlight. This ________ is used in the process of ________and along with other raw materials like ________ and ________synthesize ________.


Leaves have a green pigment called chlorophyll which captures energy from sunlight. This energy is used in the process of photosynthesis and along with other raw materials like carbon dioxide and water synthesize food/carbohydrates.

Question 20:

Spot as many organisms as possible in the puzzle given as Figure by encircling them as shown. Write the names on a sheet of paper and categories them into autotrophs and heterotrophs. Classify the heterotrophs into herbivores, carnivores, omnivores and saprophytes.

Result for Crossword Puzzles (Q)


Number of organisms: 22

(Some examples are given. You may find the rest of the organisms.)

Result for Crossword Puzzles (A)
Different Type of Organisms and Their Examples
AutotrophsRose, Mango, Bhindi, Carrot, Banyan, Tulsi, Ginger, Yam.
HeterotrophsElephant, Ant, Yeast, Tiger, Mushroom, Fox, Mice, Owl, Cow, Crow, Rabbit, Bee, Fish.
HerbivoresElephant, Cow, Rabbit, Bee.
CarnivoresFox, Tiger.
OmnivoresAnt, Mice, Owl, Crow, Fish.
SaprophytesMushroom, Yeast.

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