NCERT Class VII Science Solutions: Chapter 11-Transportation in Animals and Plants Part 3

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Question 12:

Paheli uprooted a rose plant from the soil. Most of the root tips, with root hairs got left behind in the soil. She planted it in a pot with new soil and watered it regularly. Will the plant grow or die? Give reason for your answer.


Possible answers are:

  • Without the root hairs the roots will not be able to absorb water and nutrients and the plant will die.

  • The stem of the rose plant may grow new roots and the plant will live.

  • The rose plant may not be able to survive in a different type of soil.

Question 13:

  1. Name the only artery that carries carbon dioxide-rich blood.

  2. Why is it called an artery if it does not carry oxygen-rich blood?


  1. Pulmonary artery

Image of Pulmonary artery

Pulmonary Artery

  1. It is so because arteries carry blood away from the heart.

Question 14:

BooJho’s uncle was hospitalised and put on dialysis after a severe Infection in both of his kidneys.

  1. What is dialysis?

  2. When does it become necessary to take such a treatment?


  1. In dialysis, blood is filtered periodically through an artificial kidney.

Image of what is dialysis

What is Dialysis

  1. In the event of kidney failure.

Question 15:

Name the process and the organ which helps in removing the following wastes from the body.

  1. Carbon dioxide

  2. Undigested food

  3. Urine

  4. Sweat


Name the Process and the Organ in Wastes from the Body
Name the process and the organ in wastes from the body.




  1. Carbon dioxide



  1. Undigested food


Large intestines and anus

  1. Urine



  1. Sweat

Perspiration (sweating)

Sweat glands

Question 16:

Observe Figure and answer the given questions:

Result for stethoscope (Q)

Stethoscope (Q)

  1. Name the instrument.

  2. Label the parts A. B and C.


  1. The given instrument is stethoscope.

Result for stethoscope (A)

Stethoscope (A)

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