NCERT Class VIII Science Solutions: Chapter 1-Crop Production and Management Part 6 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Question 27:

Unscramble the words related to crop production and its management and write in the boxes given beneath them.

  1. ILOSS
  4. VERIR

Now, using the circled letters, form one word which is an activity carried out in fields, after maturation of crops.


  1. SILOS
  4. RIVER

Question 28:

Given below is a conversation between two farmers Heera and Beera.

Heera: Brother Beera, your maize crops looks beautiful! They have grown pretty fast.

Beera: Yes, I have sprayed urea this time. What about you?

Heera: Well, I am still relying on good old cow dung. I am saving money for buying a tractor.

Beera: that՚s good. Tractor saves a lot of time and labour.

Heera: Yes, it՚s been very labour intensive for me and now these weeds have come up.

Beera: Try weedicides, they are very effective.

Now answer the following questions.

  1. List the practices which are not environment friendly and why?
  2. What is the advantage of modern agriculture implements over traditional ones?
  3. Name one weedicide and the precaution farmers must take during its application.


  1. Use of fertilisers and weedicides are hazardous to environment. Tractor causes air pollution.
  2. Modern agricultural implements saves on both time and labour as compared to traditional equipment.
  3. An example of a weedicide is 2,4 – D. Farmers should cover their mouth and nose while spraying weedicides as they can cause health hazards.

Question 29:

For discussion

Despite being one of the growing economies, our country still has a large section of population going hungry and malnourished. Do you think an efficient crop production mechanism is the only solution to this? Discuss in the class what else needs to be done to root out hunger and malnutrition from our country.


Students may come up with practical solutions during the course of discussion.

Question 30:

Terms related to agricultural practice are given below. Rearrange them in the correct sequence.

Harvesting, sowing, manuring, tilling and ploughing, irrigation, de – weeding.


Tilling and ploughing, sowing, manuring, irrigation, de – weeding, harvesting.

Steps for Agriculture Practices

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