NCERT Class VIII Science Solutions: Chapter 8-Cell Structure and Functions Part 3

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Question 15:

The thread-like structures present in the nucleus are

  1. Nucleolus

  2. Chromosomes

  3. Genes

  4. Ribosomes

Answer: B

Question 16:

Identify the statement which is true for cells.

  1. Cells can be easily seen with naked eyes.

  2. Insect’s egg is not a cell.

  3. A single cell can perform all the functions in a unicellular organism.

  4. The size and shape of cells is uniform in multicellular organisms

Answer: C

Question 17:

Which of the following is not a cell?

  1. Red Blood Corpuscle (RBC)

  2. Bacterium

  3. Spermatozoa

  4. Virus

Answer: D

Image of virus

Image of Virus

Image of virus

Question 18:

Which of the following feature will help you in distinguishing a plant cell from an animal cell?

  1. Cell wall

  2. Cell membrane

  3. Mitochondria

  4. Nucleus

Answer: A

Image of difference between animal cell wall and plant cell wall

Image of Difference between Animal Cell Wall and Plant Cell Wall

Image of difference between animal cell wall and plant cell wall

Question 19:

Under a microscope Paheli observes a cell that has a cell wall but no distinct nucleus. The cell that she observes is

  1. A plant cell

  2. An animal cell

  3. A nerve cell

  4. A bacterial cell

Answer: D

Question 20:

Cheek cells do not have _______

  1. Cell membrane

  2. Nucleus

  3. Golgi apparatus

  4. Plastids

Answer: D

Question 21:

Identify the correct statement.

  1. Tissue is a group of dissimilar cells.

  2. An organ consists of similar cells.

  3. Vacuoles are not found in plant cells.

  4. Prokaryotes do not have nucleus.

Answer: D

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