NCERT Class VIII Science Solutions: Chapter 8-Cell Structure and Functions Part 4 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Question 22:

Which of the following statements are true for eukaryotic cells?

  1. They do not have a nuclear membrane.
  2. They have a well-organized nucleus.
  3. They have a nuclear membrane.
  4. Blue green algae are eukaryotic cells.
  5. ii and iv
  6. ii and iii
  7. i and ii
  8. i and iv

Answer: B

Eukaryotic Cells

Question 23:

Identify the correct statement about cells.

  1. All the cells have nucleus.
  2. Cells of an organ have similar structure.
  3. Cells of a tissue have similar structure.
  4. Shape of all types of cells is round.

Answer: C

Question 24:

The table given below has certain terms and four blank spaces named A, B, C and D.

Cell Part and Function
Plant cellPlastidB
CSpindle shapedContraction
Nerve cellDStimuli and response

From the options given below choose the correct combination of terms.

  1. A-Pseudopodia; B-Respirations; C-Muscle cell; D-Branched
  2. A-Pseudopodia; B-Photosynthesis; C-Muscle cell; D-Branched
  3. A-Contractile vacuole; B-Photosynthesis; C-Blood cell; D-Spindle shaped
  4. A-Pseudopodia; B-Photosynthesis; C-Cheek cell; D-Spindle shaped

Answer: B


Question 25:

In leaves, name the cell organelle and pigment that is responsible for green colour.


Chloroplast and chlorophyll

Question 26:

The instrument used to observe cells is ________


The instrument used to observe cells is Microscope

Question 27:

We do not sense any pain when we clip our nails or cut our hair. Why?


Nails and hair are both made up of dead cells. They do not have nerve cells. Hence we don՚t feel the pain when they are cut.

Question 28:

In a cell, where are the genes located?



What is Genes

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