NCERT Class VIII Science Solutions: Chapter 9-Reproduction in Animals Part 4

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Question 22:

What does Fig represent?

Result for Fig is represent

Fig is Represent


The figure shows an amoeba undergoing binary fissions with a dividing nucleus.

Question 23:

Observe the figure given as Fig and answer the questions that follow.

Result for Fertilisation


  1. Label A and B.

  2. Identify the process.

  3. What happens during this process and what is formed?


  1. A-sperm; B-ovum (egg)

  2. Fertilisation

  3. Sperm nucleus fuses with the egg nucleus to form the zygote.


Question 24:

How can we say that fish exhibits external fertilisation?


Female fish release eggs into water and male fish releases sperms. Sperms swim randomly in water and comes in contact with the eggs. The nucleus of the sperm moves into the egg and fuses with it. Since fertilisation occurs in water, outside the female body, it is external fertilisation.

Question 25:

Result forThe part which produces female gametes.(Q)

The Part Which Produces Female Gametes.(Q)

After observing Fig answer the following.

  1. Read the following statements and label them in the figure:

  2. The part which produces female gametes.

  3. The part where development of the baby takes place.

  4. The part through which the developing embryo passes to reach the uterus.

  5. Explain the future development of the embryo that would take place after it gets embedded in the uterus.


Result forThe part which produces female gametes.(A)

The Part Which Produces Female Gametes.(A)

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