NCERT Class-9 Science Solutions: Chapter 3-Atoms and Molecules Part 9 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Question 36:

Compute the difference in masses of moles each of magnesium atoms and magnesium ions.


Magnesium Atoms and Magnesium Ions

A ion and atom different by two electrons. moles of and Mg atoms would different by moles of electrons

Question 37:

Which has more number of atoms?


Question 38:

Compute the number of ions present in of sodium chloride.


or moles of particle

Each particle is equivalent to one and one

Total moles of ions

No. of ions

Question 39:

A gold sample contains 90 % of gold and the rest copper. How many atoms of gold are present in one gram of this sample of gold?