NCERT Class-9 Science Solutions: Chapter 5-The Fundamental Unit of Life Part 7

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Question 42:

Name the organelles which show the analogy written as under

  1. Transporting channels of the cell——

  2. Power house of the cell——

  3. Packaging and dispatching unit of the cell——

  4. Digestive bag of the cell——

  5. Storage sacs of the cell——

  6. Kitchen of the cell——

  7. Control room of the cell——


  1. Transporting channels of the cell endoplasmic reticulum

  2. Power house of the cell mitochondria

  3. Packaging and dispatching unit of the cell Golgi body

  4. Digestive bag of the cell lysosome

  5. Storage sacs of the cell vacuole

  6. Kitchen of the cell chloroplast

  7. Control room of the cell nucleus

Question 43:

How is a bacterial cell different from an onion peel cell?


Bacterial cell is a prokaryote

Onion peel cell is a plant cell— an eukaryote

Question 44:

How do substances like carbon dioxide and water move in and out of the cell?


Diffusion and osmosis

Question 45:

How does amoeba obtain its food?


Amoeba obtains its food by the process of endocytosis. It engulfs the food particle with the help of pseudopodia and then forms a vacuole around it. When the particle is completely trapped the amoeba secretes digestive enzymes that digests the food, thus the amoeba obtains its

Question 46:

Name the two organelles in a plant cell that contain their own genetic material and ribosomes.


Mitochondria and plastids

Question 47:

Why are lysosomes also known as “scavengers of the cells”?


Lysosomes are membrane bound organelles found almost in every animal cell. They are spherical vesicles containing hydrolytic enzymes that can break down many kinds of biomolecules. They serve as intracellular digestive system. Since, they remove cell debris, they are called scavengers of the cell.

Question 48:

Which cell organelle controls most of the activities of the cell?



Image of Nucleus

Image of Nucleus

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