NCERT Class-9 Science Solutions: Chapter 6 – Tissues Part 1

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Multiple Choice Questions

Question 1:

Which of the following tissues has dead cells?

  1. Parenchyma

  2. Sclerenchyma

  3. Collenchyma

  4. Epithelial tissue

Answer: B

Question 2:

Find out incorrect sentence

  1. Parenchymatous tissues have intercellular spaces

  2. Collenchymatous tissues are irregularly thickened at corners

  3. Apical and intercalary meristems are permanent tissues

  4. Meristematic tissues, in its early stage, lack vacuoles

Answer: C

Question 3:

Girth of stem increases due to

  1. Apical meristem

  2. Lateral meristem

  3. Intercalary meristem

  4. Vertical meristem

Answer: B

Image of Lateral meristem

Image of Lateral Meristem

Question 4:

Which cell does not have perforated cell wall?

  1. Tracheids

  2. Companion cells

  3. Sieve tubes

  4. Vessels

Answer: B

Question 5:

Intestine absorb the digested food materials. What type of epithelial cells are responsible for that?

  1. Stratified squamous epithelium

  2. Columnar epithelium

  3. Spindle fibers

  4. Cuboidal epithelium

Answer: B

Question 6:

A person met with an accident in which two long bones of hand were dislocated. Which among the following may be the possible reason?

  1. Tendon break

  2. Break of skeletal muscle

  3. Ligament break

  4. Areolar tissue break

Answer: C

Question 7:

While doing work and running, you move your organs like hands, legs etc. Which among the following is correct?

  1. Smooth muscles contract and pull the ligament to move the bones

  2. Smooth muscles contract and pull the tendons to move the bones

  3. Skeletal muscles contract and pull the ligament to move the bones

  4. Skeletal muscles contract and pull the tendon to move the bones

Answer: D

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