NCERT Class-9 Science Solutions: Chapter 6 – Tissues Part 3

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Question 15:

Contractile proteins are found in

  1. Bones

  2. Blood

  3. Muscles

  4. Cartilage

Answer: C

Contractile proteins

Contractile Proteins

Question 16:

Voluntary muscles are found in

  1. Alimentary canal

  2. Limbs

  3. Iris of the eye

  4. Bronchi of lungs

Answer: B

Image Voluntary muscles

Image Voluntary Muscles

Question 17:

Nervous tissue is not found in

  1. Brain

  2. Spinal cord

  3. Tendons

  4. Nerves

Answer: C

Image A neuron

Image a Neuron

Question 18:

Nerve cell does not contain

  1. Axon

  2. Nerve endings

  3. Tendons

  4. Dendrites

Answer: C

Image Cell of the nervouse system

Image Cell of the Nervouse System

Question 19:

Which of the following helps in repair of tissue and fills up the space inside the organ?

  1. Tendon

  2. Adipose tissue

  3. Areolar

  4. Cartilage

Answer: C

Image Areolar connective Tissue

Image Areolar Connective Tissue

Question 20:

The muscular tissue which function throughout the life continuously without fatigue is

  1. Skeletal muscle

  2. Cardiac muscle

  3. Smooth muscle

  4. Voluntary muscle

Answer: B

Image B. Cardiac muscle diagram and microscopy

Image B. Cardiac Muscle Diagram and Microscopy

Question 21:

Which of the following cells is found in the cartilaginous tissue of the body?

  1. Mast cells

  2. Basophils

  3. Osteocytes

  4. Chondrocytes

Answer: D

Image D. Chondrocytes cells

Image D. Chondrocytes Cells

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