NCERT Class-9 Science Solutions: Chapter 7-Diversity In Living Organisms Part 1

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Multiple Choice Questions

Question 1:

Find out incorrect sentence

  1. Protista includes unicellular eukaryotic organisms

  2. Whittaker considered cell structure, mode and source of nutrition for classifying the organisms in five kingdoms

  3. Both Monera and Protista may be autotrophic and heterotrophic

  4. Monerans have well defined nucleus

Answer: D

Image Monerans

Image Monerans

Question 2:

Which among the following has specialised tissue for conduction of water?

  1. Thallophyta

  2. Bryophyta

  3. Pteridophyta

  4. Gymnosperms

  5. (i) and (ii)

  6. (ii) and (iii)

  7. (iii) and (iv)

  8. (i) and (iv)

Answer: C

Image Pteridophyta tissue

Image Pteridophyta Tissue

Image Gymnosperms tissue

Image Gymnosperms Tissue

Question 3:

Which among the following produce seeds?

  1. Thallophyta

  2. Bryophyta

  3. Pteridophyta

  4. Gymnosperms

Answer: D

Question 4:

Which one is a true fish?

  1. Jellyfish

  2. Starfish

  3. Dogfish

  4. Silverfish

Answer: C

Image doge fish

Image Doge Fish

Question 5:

Which among the following is exclusively marine?

  1. Porifera

  2. Echinodermata

  3. Mollusca

  4. Pisces

Answer: B

Image Echinodermata

Image Echinodermata

Question 6:

Which among the following have open circulatory system?

  1. Arthropoda

  2. Mollusca

  3. Annelida

  4. Coelenterata

  5. (i) and (ii)

  6. (iii) and (iv)

  7. (i) and (iii)

  8. (ii) and (iv)

Answer: A

Image open circulatory system

Image Open Circulatory System

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