NCERT Class-9 Science Solutions: Chapter 7-Diversity In Living Organisms Part 11

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Question 53:

You are given leech, Nereis, Scolopendra, prawn and scorpion; and all have segmented body organisation. Will you classify them in one group? If no, give the important characters based on which you will separate these organisms into different groups.


All organisms given in the question do not belong to same group. Leech and Nereis belong to phylum annelida because they have metamerically segmented body i.e., body is divided into many segments internally by septa. Body segments are lined up one after the other from head to tail. But Scolopendra, prawn and scorpion belong to phylum Arthropoda as these have jointed legs and open circulating system.

Question 54:

Which organism is more complex and evolved among Bacteria, Mushroom and Mango tree? Give reasons.


Mango tree is more complex and evolved because, it is eukaryotic, autotrophic, terrestrial sporophyte with covered seed. The bacteria is unicellular prokaryote and fungi are the heterotrophic, simple Thallophyta with no tissue systems.

Question 55:

Differentiate between flying lizard and bird. Draw the diagram.


Flying lizard belongs to group reptiles and characterised as cold blooded, body covered with scales and having three chambered heart, while birds belong to group aves and have characteristics of being warm blooded, having feather covered body, forelimbs modified as wings and having four chambered heart.

Image Flying lizard and bird

Image Flying Lizard and Bird

Question 56:

List out some common features in cat, rat and bat.


Bat, rat and cat belong to class Mammalia and have following common features

  1. All have notochord at some stage of life cycle.

  2. All are warm blooded.

  3. All have four chambered heart.

  4. All have skin covered with hair and with sweat and oil glands.

Question 57:

Why do we keep both snake and turtle in the same class?


Hint: Because both are

  1. Cold blooded

  2. Have scales

  3. Breathe through lungs

  4. Have three chambered heart

  5. They lay eggs with tough covering

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