NCERT Class-9 Science Solutions: Chapter 8-Motion Part 1

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Multiple Choice Questions

Question 1:

A particle is moving in a circular path of. The displacement after half a circle would be:

Answer: C

Image Initialand final position, displacement

Image Initialand Final Position, Displacement

Question 2:

A body is thrown vertically upward with velocity u, the greatest height h to which it will rise is,

Answer: B

Question 3:

The numerical ratio of displacement to distance for a moving object is

(a) Always less than 1

(b) Always equal to 1

(c) Always more than 1

(d) Equal or less than 1

Answer: D

Image Shortest path and Actual path

Image Shortest Path and Actual Path

Question 4:

If the displacement of an object is proportional to square of time, then the object moves with

(a) Uniform velocity

(b) Uniform acceleration

(c) Increasing acceleration

(d) Decreasing acceleration

Answer: B

Image displacement and time graph

Image Displacement and Time Graph

Question 5:

From the given (Figure), it can be inferred that the object is

  1. In uniform motion

  2. At rest

  3. In non-uniform motion

  4. Moving with uniform acceleration

Image velocity and time graph

Image Velocity and Time Graph

Answer: A

Question 6:

Suppose a boy is enjoying a ride on a merry-go-round which is moving with a constant speed of. It implies that the boy is

  1. At rest

  2. Moving with no acceleration

  3. In accelerated motion

  4. Moving with uniform velocity

Answer: C

Image In accelerated motion

Image in Accelerated Motion

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