Biology Class 11 NCERT Solutions: Chapter 14 Respiration in Plants Part 1 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Q: 1. Differentiate between

(A) Respiration and Combustion

(B) Glycolysis and Krebs՚ cycle

(C) Aerobic respiration and Fermentation


(A) Respiration and Combustion

Respiration vs Combustion
1.It is a biochemical process.1.It is a physiochemical process.
2.It occurs in the living cells.2.It does not occur in the living cells.
3.ATP is generated3.ATP is not generated
4.Enzymes are required4.Enzymes are not required
5.It is a biologically controlled process.5.It is an uncontrolled process.

(B) Glycolysis and Krebs cycle

Glocolysis and Krebs Cycle
GlycolysisKrebs Cycle
1.It is a linear pathway.1.It is a cyclic pathway.
2.It occurs in the cell cytoplasm.2.It occurs in the mitochondrial matrix.
3.It occurs in both aerobic and anaerobic respiration.3.It occurs in aerobic respiration.
4.It generates and ATP molecules on the breakdown of one glucose molecule.4.It produces , , and ATP molecules on the breakdown of two molecules.

(C) Aerobic respiration and fermentation

Aerobic vs. Respiratation
Aerobic respirationFermentation
1.Oxygen is used for deriving energy1.Occurs in the absence of oxygen
2.Occurs in the cytoplasm and mitochondria2.Occurs in the cytoplasm
3.End products are carbon dioxide and


3.End products are ethyl alcohol and

carbon dioxide

4.Complete oxidation of the respiratory substrate takes place4.Incomplete oxidation of the respiratory substrate takes place
5.About ATP molecules are produced5.Only ATP molecules are produced

Q: 2. What are respiratory substrates? Name the most common respiratory substrate.


The compounds oxidised during the process of respiration are called respiratory substrates. Carbohydrates, especially glucose, act as respiratory substrates. Fats, proteins, and organic acids also act as respiratory substrates.

The Respiratory Substrates

Q: 3. Give the schematic representation of glycolysis?


Generating Energy

Q: 4. What are the main steps in aerobic respiration? Where does it take place?


The major steps in aerobic respiration and the sites where they occur are listed in the given table.

The Major Steps in Aerobic Respiration
Processes and Sites
StepSite of Ocuurrence.
2.Krebs cycle2.Matrix of mitochondria
3.Electron transport system3.Inner mitochondrial membrane
4.Oxidative phosphorylation4. particles in the inner mitochondrial membrane

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