Biology Class 11 NCERT Solutions: Chapter 3 Animal Kingdom Part 3 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2023)

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Q: 14. Match the following

Match the Following q14
(D)Comb Plates(iv)Reptilia
(F)Hairs(vi)Cyclostomata and Chondrichthyes
(H)Gill Slits(viii)Osteichthyes


Match the Following q14 Ans
Column IColumn II
(D)Comb Plates(i)Ctenophora
(H)Gill Slits(vi)Cyclostomata and Chondrichthyes

Q: 15. Prepare a list of some animals that are found parasitic on human beings.


Q_15_Table of Name of Organism and Phylum
S. No.Name of organismPhylum
1Taenia sodiumPlatyhelminthes
2Fasciola hepaticaPlatyhelminthes
3Ascaris lumbricoidesAschelminthes
4Wuchereria bancroftiAschelminthes