Biology Class 11 NCERT Solutions: Chapter 7 Structural Organisation in Animals Part 4

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Q: 13. Draw a neat diagram of digestive system of frog.


Digestive system of frog

Digestive System of Frog

Q: 14. Mention the function of the following

(A) Ureters in frog

(B) Malpighian tubules

(C) Body wall in earthworm


(A) Ureters in frogs: A ureter acts as a urogenital duct, which carries sperms along with urine in male frogs.

(B) Malpighian tubules: Malpighian tubules are excretory organs in cockroaches.

(C) Body wall in earthworms: In earthworms, the body wall consists of muscle layers. It helps in movement and burrowing.

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