Biology Class 12 NCERT Solutions: Chapter 15 Biodiversity and Conservation Part 3 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2023)

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Q. 9 What measures, as an individual, you would take to reduce environmental pollution?


Reduce Environmental Pollution

The following initiatives can be taken to prevent environmental pollution:

  1. Measures for preventing Air pollution
  2. Planting more trees
  3. Use of clean and renewable energy sources such as CNG and bio-fuels
  4. Reducing the use of fossil fuels
  5. Use of catalytic converters in automobiles
  6. Measures for preventing water pollution
  7. Optimizing the use of water
  8. Using kitchen waste water in gardening and other household purposes
  9. Measures for controlling Noise pollution
  10. Avoid burning crackers on Diwali
  11. Plantation of more trees
  12. Measures for decreasing solid waste generation
  13. Segregation of waste
  14. Recycling and reuse of plastic and paper
  15. Composting of biodegradable kitchen waste
  16. Reducing the use of plastics

Q. 10 Can you think of a situation where we deliberately want to make a species extinct? How would you justify it?


  • Yes, there are various kinds of parasites and disease-causing microbes that we deliberately want to eradicate from the Earth.
  • Since these micro-organisms are harmful to human beings, scientists are working hard to fight against them.
  • Scientists have been able to eliminate small pox virus from the world through the use of vaccinations.
  • This shows that humans deliberately want to make these species extinct. Several other eradication programmes such as polio and Hepatitis B vaccinations are aimed to eliminate these disease-causing microbes.