Biology Class 12 NCERT Solutions: Chapter 4 Reproductive Health Part 2

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Q.4 Do you think that reproductive health in our country has improved in the past 50 years? If yes, mention some such areas of improvement.


  • Yes, the reproductive health has tremendously improved in India in the last 50 years. The areas of improvement are as follows.

  • Massive child immunization programme, which has led to a decrease in the infant mortality rate

  • Maternal and infant mortality rate, which has been decreased drastically due to better post natal care

  • Family planning, which has motivated people to have smaller families

  • Birth rate was 36 per 1000 persons in 1981, 30.5 per 1000 in 1991 and only 26 per 1000 in 2001 census.

  • Use of contraceptive, which has resulted in a decrease in the rate of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

  • Due to control of several bacterial and viral diseases with the help of more and more effective antibiotics, medicines and surgical methods, there is rapid decline in death rate from 13.8 per 1000 in 1981 to 8 per 1000 in 2001.

Q.5 What are the suggested reasons for population explosion?


  • The human population is increasing day by day, leading to population explosion. It is because of the following two major reasons.

  • Decreased death rate

  • Increased birth rate and longevity

  • The death rate has decreased in the past 50 years.

  • The factor leading to decreased death rate and increased birth rate are control of diseases, awareness and spread of education, improvement in medical facilities, ensured food supply in emergency situation, etc.

  • All this has also resulted in an increase in the longevity of an individual.

  • Rapid decline in death rate including maternal mortality rate and infant mortality rate due to control of diseases, better health care measures, better sanitation and community health schemes etc.

  • Increase in average life span and increase in number of people in reproductive age.

  • Increased agricultural production due to mechanization of agriculture, use of hybrid, disease free and high-yielding varieties of seeds, use of fertilizers and pesticides, etc

Q.6 Is the use of contraceptives justified? Give reasons.


  • Yes, the use of contraceptives is absolutely justified. The human population is increasing tremendously.

  • Therefore, to regulate the population growth by regulating reproduction has become a necessary demand in the present times.

  • Various contraceptive devices have been devised to reduce unwanted pregnancies, which help in bringing down the increased birth rate and hence, in checking population explosion.

  • These help in reducing the birth rate as prevent the formation of gametes or fertilization or implantation of the embryo.

  • Some of these prevent the incidence of sexually-transmitted diseases, AIDS etc.

Image of Contraception id Highly Effective

Image of Contraception Id Highly Effective

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