Chemistry Class 11 NCERT Solutions: Chapter 13 Hydrocarbons Part 4 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Q: 4. Write IUPAC names of the products obtained by the ozonolysis of the following compounds:

(i) Pent-2-ene

(ii) 3,4-Dimethyl-hept-3-ene

(iii) 2-Ethylbut-1-ene

(iv) 1-Phenylbut-1-ene


(i) Pent-2-ene undergoes ozonolysis as:

Q_4_I_Structure of Pent - 2 - Ene Undergoes Ozonolysis

The IUPAC name of Product (I) is ethanal and Product (II) is propanol.

(II) 3,4-Dimethylhept-3-ene undergoes ozonolysis as:

Q_4_II_Structure of 3,4 - Dimethylhept -3-Ene Undergoes Oz …

The IUPAC name of Product (I) is butan-2-one and Product (II) is Pentan-2-one.

(iii) 2-Ethylbut-1-ene undergoes ozonolysis as:

Q_4_III_Structure of 2 - Thylhept -1-Ene Undergoes Ozonolys …

The IUPAC name of Product (I) is pentan-3-one and Product (II) is methanal.

(iv) 1-Phenylbut-1-ene undergoes ozonolysis as:

Q_4_IV_Structure of 1- Phenylbut -1- Ene Undergoes Ozonolys …

The IUPAC name of Product (I) is benzaldehyde and Product (II) is propanal.

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