Chemistry Class 11 NCERT Solutions: Chapter 2 Structure of Atom Part 11

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Q: 35. If the diameter of a carbon atom is 0.15 nm, calculate the number of carbon atoms, which can be placed side by side in a straight line across length of scale of length 20 cm long.


Length of the scale

Diameter of a carbon atom =0.15 nm

One carbon atom occupies

Q: 36. atoms of carbon are arranged side by side. Calculate the radius of carbon atom if the length of this arrangement is 2.4 cm.


Length of the given arrangement = 2.4 cm

Number of carbon atoms present =

Q: 37 The diameter of zinc atom is . Calculate (a) radius of zinc atom in pm and (b) number of atoms present in a length of if the zinc atoms are arranged side by side lengthwise.


(a) Radius of zinc atom

(b) Length of the arrangement

Diameter of zinc atom

Q: 38 A certain particle carries of static electric charge. Calculate the number of electrons present in it.


Charge on one electron

Charge is carried by electron.