Chemistry Class 11 NCERT Solutions: Chapter 7 Equilibrium Part 4

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Chemistry Class 11 NCERT Solutions Chapter 7 Equilibrium Part 4

Q: 11. A sample of is placed in flask at a pressure of m. At equilibrium the partial pressure of is 0.04 atm. What is for the given equilibrium?


The initial concentration of HI is 0.2 atm. At equilibrium, it has a partial pressure of 0.04 atm. Therefore, a decrease in the pressure of HI is 0.2 – 0.04 = 0.16. The given reaction is:


Hence, the value of for the given equilibrium is 4.0.

Q: 12. A mixture of 1.57 mol of 1.92 mol of and 8.13 mol of is introduced into a 20 L reaction vessel at 500 K. At this temperature, the equilibrium constant, for the reaction is Is the reaction mixture at equilibrium? If not, what is the direction of the net reaction?


The given reaction is:

The given concentration of various species is

Now, reaction quotient is:

Since, , the reaction mixture is not at equilibrium.

Again, . Hence, the reaction will proceed in the reverse direction.

Q: 13. The equilibrium constant expression for a gas reaction is,

Write the balanced chemical equation corresponding to this expression.


The balanced chemical equation corresponding to the given expression can be written as: