Chemistry Class 12 NCERT Solutions: Chapter 12 Aldehydes Ketones and Carboxylic Acids Part 4 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Q: 5. Draw structures of the following derivatives.

(i) The 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazone of benzaldehyde

(ii) Cyclopropanone oxime

(iii) Acetaldehydedimethylacetal

(iv) The Semicarbazone of cyclobutanone

(v) The ethylene Ketal of hexan-3-one

(vi) The methyl hemiacetal of formaldehyde



The 2,4-Dinitrophenylhydrazone of Benzaldehyde


Cyclopropanone Oxime




The Semicarbazone of Cyclobutanone


The Ethylene Ketal of Hexan-3-One


The Methyl Hemiacetal of Formaldehyde

Q: 6. Predict the products formed when cyclohexanecarboxaldehyde reacts with following reagents.

(i) and then

(ii) Tollens՚ Reagent

(iii) Semicarbazide and weak acid

(iv) Excess ethanol and acid

(v) Zinc amalgam and dilute hydrochloric acid



PhMgBr and then H3O +


Tollens՚ Reagent


Semicarbazide and Weak Acid


Excess Ethanol and Acid


Zinc Amalgam and Dilute Hydrochloric Acid

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