NCERT Class 10 English Solutions: Chapter 8-Mijbil the Otter Part 1 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2023)

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Oral Comprehension Check

Question 1:

Q. What ‘experiment’ did Maxwell think Camusfearna would be suitable for?

A. Maxwell wanted to keep a pet otter. He thought that Camusfearna near his home, with a ring of a very short distance from its door, would be an eminently suitable spot for the experiment.

Camusferna a Body of Water

Question 2:

Q. Why does he go to Basra? How long does he wait there, and why?

A. He went to Basra Consultate-General, to get and answer his mail from Europe. Although his friend՚s mail was received his was not. He waited for 11 days before getting his mail. First he tried to send message to England. After three days, he tried place a call to England. He was not able to do so for three days. He then took appointment to meet his friend after a week՚s time. However, midway through his wait in 5 days, his mail arrived.

Question 3:

Q. How does he get the otter? Does he like it? Pick out the words that you this.

A. He took his mail to bedroom, and found two Arabs with a sack that moved, twisted and wriggled from time to time. They came with a note from his friend who had sent him an otter.

He liked it the otter very much he was fixated on it. He believed that everyone who ever had an otter felt attachment towards it.

Question 4:

Q. Why was the otter named ‘Maxwell՚s otter’ ?

A. The race of otter unknown to man. Later when discovered it was named by zoologists Lutrogale Perspicillata as Lutrogale Perspicillata Maxwelli or Maxwell՚s otter.

Otter Just Outside the Water

Question 5:

Tick the right answer. In the beginning, the otter was

  • aloof and indifferent
  • friendly
  • hostile

A. In the beginning, the otter was aloof and indifferent.

Question 6:

Q. What happened when Maxwell took Mijbil to the bathroom? What did it do two days after that?

A. Mijbil was overjoyed on seeing the water, he played for half an hour. Plunging and rolling in water it moved up and down the length of the bathtub underwater. It made slosh and splash as if it was a hippopotamus.

Mijbil loved the water so much that two days later it learned to go from his bedroom to the bathroom on his own. Not only that, he was able to turn the tap and start water at full flow.

Question 1:

Q. How was Mijbil to be transported to England?

A. Mijbil was to go to England in a flight via Paris. According to airline instructions he was packed in a box with length, breadth, and height less than eighteen inches. This box was to be kept on the floor, near owners feet.

Question 2:

Q. What did Mij do to the box?

A. Mij did not like being in the box. When Maxwell went for a meal, the otter tore open the box and was injured in the process.

Question 3:

Q. Why did Maxwell put the otter back in the box? How do you think he felt when he did this?

A. Maxwell removed the lining of the box so there were no cutting edges left. Since it was now time for his flight, he had to keep the otter in the box. Maxwell did not like this because otter was injured and it was clear that he did not like being in the box.

Question 4:

Q. Why does Maxwell say the airhostess was “the very queen of her kind” ?

A. Maxwell found the airhostess to be extremely friendly and helpful. He was able to confide into her about the incident where the otter tried to escape the box. She was kind enough to allow the pet on Maxwells knee.

Question 5:

Q. What happened when the box was opened?

A. As soon as the box was opened, frightened otter escaped down the aisle. Several passengers were very frightened. One woman passenger climbed on her seat thinking there was a rat. Maxwell dived on seeing Mij՚s tail beneath the legs of an Indian passenger. The kind airhostess volunteered to find the otter. When Mij came back it peacefully climbed on Maxwell՚s knee.

Thinking About the Text

Question 1:

Q. What things does Mij do which tell you that he is an intelligent, friendly and fun-loving animal who needs love?

A. Mij was smart and intelligent. Creatively it made its own game of ping-pong. It quickly learned to open the tap and played in water.

  • Initially it liked to be alone but soon learned to be friendly forming specially relationship with Maxwell. It obliged Maxwell when he called out his game.
  • When Maxwell put it in the box, it grew desperate and got hurt while coming out. It was clinging to Maxwell՚s feet desperate for love and comfort, when Maxwell took it out.
  • It would play with toys, ping-pong balls, marbles, rubber fruit, and a terrapin shell.

Question 2:

Q. What are some of the things we come to know about otters from this text?

A. Otters are from a small group of mammals called Mustellines.

Otters as Mustelidae

Other Mustelide՚s include badger, mongoose, weasel, stoat, and mink. Maxwell՚s otter was discovered very late and was named Lutroga Perspicillata Maxwelli or Maxwell՚s otter.

Maxwell՚s Otter Outside Water

They live in large numbers in marshes and are tamed by the Arabs. Otters are very play full, splashing and squishing water all over the place. They liked to keep water moving and loved playing with balls especially in water.