NCERT Class 10 English Solutions: Chapter 8-Mijbil the Otter Part 3 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2023)

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Question 2:

II. Noun Modifiers

Q. 1. Look at these examples from the text, and say whether the modifiers (in the box.) Combine the nouns and nouns, proper nouns, or adjective plus noun.

(i) An otter fixation

A. Noun

(ii) The iron railings

A. Noun

(iii) The Tigris marshes

A. Proper noun

(iv) The London streets

A. Proper noun

(v) soft velvet fur

A. Adjective plus noun

Image for Proper Noun and Proper Adjectives

(vi) A four-footed soccer player

  1. Adjective plus noun

Q. 2 Given below are some nouns, and a set of modifiers (in the box) . Combine the nouns and modifiers to make as many appropriate phrases as you can. (Hint: The nouns and modifiers are all from the in this book.)

Various Types of Modifiers
  1. temple
  2. person
  3. gifts
  4. time
  5. crossing
  6. physique
  7. three girls
  8. thoughts
  9. scream
  10. subject
  11. flight
  12. coffee
  13. triangle
  14. boys
  15. farewell
  16. landscape
  17. chatterbox
  18. view
  19. dresses
  20. roar
  21. expression
  22. handkerchief
  23. profession
  24. celebration
Collection of Words
collegeroughhundredstoneordinary physique
barerailroadtremendousfamilyMarriage dresses
plumpinvigoratingpanoramicheartbreakingBirthday gifts


Temple – white temple, stone temple, first temple

Person – incorrigible person, ridiculous person

Gifts – hundred gifts, ordinary gifts, birthday gifts

Time – college time, rough time, first time

Crossing – railroad crossing, first crossing

Physique – plump physique, ordinary physique

Three girls – first three girls, incorrigible three girls

Thoughts – incorrigible thoughts, uncomfortable thoughts, ridiculous thoughts, heartbreaking thoughts, ordinary thoughts

Scream – tremendous scream, loud scream

Subject – college subject, ordinary subject

Flight – rough flight, first flight

Coffee – invigorating coffee, ordinary coffee

Triangle – love triangle

Boys – college boys, incorrigible boys, rough boys, hundred boys

Farewell – College farewell, heartbreaking farewell

Landscape – bare landscape, rough landscape, white landscape

Chatterbox – incorrigible chatterbox

View – tremendous view, panoramic view, ordinary view

Dresses – hundred dresses, ordinary dresses, birthday dresses, marriage dresses

Roar – tremendous roar, loud roar

Expression – bare expression, slang expression, slack expression

Handkerchief – white handkerchief, ordinary handkerchief

Profession – family profession, first profession, ordinary profession

Celebration – tremendous celebration, family celebration, birthday celebration