NCERT Class 6 English Solutions: Who Did Patrick՚s Homework? Chapter 1 Part 3 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Question A

In the story, Patrick does difficult things he hates to do because the elf pretends he needs help. Have you ever done something difficult or frightening, by pretending about it in some way? Tell your classmates about it.



Say what you feel about homework. (The words and phrases in the boxes may help you.) Do you think it is useful, even though you may not like it? Form pairs, and speak to each other.

For example:

You may say, “I am not fond of homework.”

Your partner may reply, “But my sister helps me with my lessons at home, and that gives a boost to my marks.”

(Not) be fond of (Not) Take to (Not) Develop a liking for

(Not) appeal to (Not) be keen on (Not) have a taste for

Support assist with the aid of

Help be a boon give a boost to


  • Ajay: Homework is very boring
  • Mohan: Why do you feel so? I like it very much.
  • Ajay: I don՚t support your view. It is always boring, as I feel because I have to pay full attention to it. Instead I like to get some time for outings.
  • Mohan: Do you not get help from anyone in your family?
  • Ajay: No, I am the youngest member and everyone is busy with his/her work.
  • Mohan: Homework is a boon to students because it enhances one՚s capacity to learn. It also gives a boost to one՚s knowledge.
  • Ajay: It all depends upon the teachers who can manage it well. I need the aid of someone else.
  • Mohan: You should talk to your teacher frankly.


Question A


This story has a lot of rhyming words, as a poem does. Can you write out some parts of it like a poem, so that the rhymes come at the end of separate lines?

For example:

Patrick never did homework. “Too boring,” he said.

He played baseball and hockey and Nintendo instead.

Answer A

  • The man was too small in size
  • He was true and wise.
  • The elf promised to all that
  • As Patrick saved him from cat
  • Patrick loves the play not work
  • Always keep pending homework

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