NCERT Class 6 English Solutions: The Banyan Tree Chapter – 10 – Part 1 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Working with the Text

Question B:

Complete the following sentences.

1. The old banyan tree “did not belong” to grandfather, but only to the boy, because …

2. The small gray squirrel became friendly when …

3. When the boy started to bring him pieces of cake and biscuit, the squirrel …

4. In the spring, the banyan tree … , and … would come there.

5. The banyan tree served the boy as a …

6. The young boy spent his afternoons in the tree …


  • The old man was not strong enough to climb it
  • It found that the boy carried no catapult or air/gun in his hand
  • Became bold enough to take pieces of food from his hand
  • Was full of small red figs, birds of all kinds
  • Reading room where he had made a rough platform to sit and read books
  • Leaning against the tree, reading story books,

Question B:

Question 1:

“It was to be a battle of champions.”

(i) What qualities did the two champions have? Pick out words and phrases from the paragraph above this line in the text and write them down.

Mongoose and Cobra
(a) ________(a) ________
(b) ________(b) ________
(c) ________(c) ________



Mongoose and Cobra
(a) superb fighter(a) skilful
(b) clever(b) experienced
(c) aggressive(c) swift

(ii) What did the cobra and the mongoose do, to show their readiness for the fight?

To show its readiness for the fight, the cobra hissed defiance, its forked tongue darting in and out. It raised three of its six feet off the ground, and spread its broad, spectacled hood. The bushing of its tail and the standing up of the long hair on its spine showed that the mongoose was also ready for the fight.

Question 2:

Who were the other two spectators? What did they do? (Did they watch, or did they join in the fight?)


  • The other two spectators were a crow and a myna. They settled on a cactus to watch the outcome. But they did not just watch.
  • They tried to join the fight by hurling themselves at the cobra.

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