NCERT Class 6 English Solutions: How the Dog Found Himself a New Master! Chapter 2 Part 5

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Working with the Poem

Question 1

List out the action words in the poem.

Dive, dip, snaps, ——————, ——————, ———————,

——————, ——————

Find out the meanings of these words.


  • Dive, Dip, Snaps, Soars, Rides, Pulls, Flaps

  • Drive - To Plunge

  • Dip - Bend

  • Snaps - Make a Sharp Sound

  • Soars - Rises

  • Rides — Sits On the Back

  • Pulls — Drive Forward

  • Flaps — Flutters

Question 2:

Read these lines from the poem:

Then soars like a ship

With only a sail

The movement of the tailless kite is compared to a ship with a sail. This is called a simile. Can you suggest what or who the following actions may be compared to?

He runs like —————————————––———

He eats like ——————————————–—–—

She sings like ————————————––——–—

It shines like ————————————–––———

It flies like ——————————————––———–


  • He runs like a deer.

  • He eats like a dog.

  • She sings like a bird.

  • It shines like a star.

  • It flies like a kite.

Question 3:

Try to make a kite with your friends. Collect the things required such as colour paper/newspaper, thread, glue, a thin stick that can be bent. After making the kite see if you can fly it.

The kite

The Kite


  • This question requires the students to use their creative imagination in creating hand-made kites.

  • A specific paper i.e. the kite paper along with the basic adhesive glue, a thin but strong stick in order to provide stability to the kite can be used to make bright and colourful kites.

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