NCERT Class 6 English Solutions: A Different Kind of School Chapter 5– Part 2

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Working with Language

Question A:

Match the words and phrases with their meanings in the box below. Paragraph numbers

Match the Paragraph Number
Match the paragraph number

Paragraph Numbers

1. Homesick


2. Practically


3. It Pains Me


4. Appreciate


5. Thoughtless


6. Exercise


7. Relief


8. Ghastly


Almost It Hurts Me Terrible
Almost It Hurts Me Terrible

Almost It Hurts Me Terrible

Test The Strength Of Understanding The Difficulties

Wanting To Be Home A Welcome Change Not Very Caring


Match the Paragraph Numbers
Match the Paragraph numbers

Paragraph numbers

1. Homesick

Wanting to be home

2. Practically


3. It pains me

Its hurts me

4. Appreciate

Understanding the difficulties

5. Thoughtless

Not very caring

6. Exercise

Test the strength of

7. Relief

A welcome change

8. Ghastly


Question B:

Re-word these lines from the story:

1. I had heard a great deal about Miss Beam’s school.

2. Miss Beam was all that I had expected — middle-aged, full of authority.

3. I went to the window which overlooked a large garden.

4. “We cannot bandage the children’s mouths, so they really have to exercise their will- power.”

Answer B:

  • The writer had heard people praising the teaching methods at Miss Beam’s school.

  • 2. The Writer found Miss Beam as a person of middle-aged and full of authority.

  • 3. The writer looked out of a window and saw a large garden.

  • 4. The children had to use their will power to keep quiet.

Question C-1:

Given below is a page from a dictionary. Look at it carefully and

(i) Find a word which means the same as ghastly. Write down the word and its two meanings.

(ii) Find a word meaning a part of the school year.

(iii) Find a word that means examination.

Page from a dictionary

Page from a Dictionary

Answer C-1:

  • Ghastly: terrible — fearful, Very bad

  • A part of the school year. Term - a period of time, a part of the school session.

  • Examination: test — to check the ability, qualifying criteria.

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