NCERT Class 6 English Solutions: A Different Kind of School Chapter 5 Part 3

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Question C-2:

Now make lists of

(i) All the words on the page (plus any more that you can think of that begin with terr-

(ii) Five words that may follow the last word on the page, that

(iii) Write down your own meaning of the word thank. Then write down the meaning given in the dictionary.

Answer C-2:

  • Terr — Terrence, Terrible, Terrify, Terrain, Territory.

  • That — After, Given, Such, Bring, Before.

  • Thank to express the gratitude for kindness, help or service. Grateful to someone.

Question 4:

A poem for you to read

All but Blind*

All but blind

In his chambered hole

Gropes for worms

The four-clawed Mole.

All but blind

In the evening sky

The hooded Bat

Twirls softly by.

All but blind

In the burning day

The Barn Owl blunders

On her way.

And blind as are

These three to me,

So, blind to someone

I must be.

Walter de la mare

Walter De La Mare


  • In this poem, the writer describes three members of the animal kingdom that are considered to be “blind” by the human world, yet each manages to get by quite well. De La Mare speaks first about the Mole, who despite its “blindness”, sustains itself by eating the worms that it “gropes” for in its “cambered hole”.

  • Although to us it might appear that the Mole is limited in its ability because it cannot “see”, in reality, it is perfectly capable of taking care of itself. What senses it possesses allow it to “see” as clearly as it needs...

Speaking and Writing

Question A:

Make a short list of things you find difficult to do.

For example:

Turning a somersault

Turning a somersault

Turning a Somersault

Threading a needle

Threading a needle

Threading a Needle

Compare your list with the others’ in the class. Can you explain why you find these things difficult to do?


Do yourself

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