NCERT Class 6 English Solutions: Fair Play Chapter 7– Part 4

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Speaking and Writing

Question A:

Look at the following pictures. One asks a question, the other answers it. Then the answer is noted in a form as shown below.

Following pictures

Following Pictures

Additional Response
Additional Response



Additional Response

1. Do you like to meet people?

2. Do you like the area you live in?

Yes I do, but not always

No, I don’t

I do have some close friends, though.

But I have no choice


Question B:

Work in small groups. Ask your partner the questions given below. If possible, ask him/her a reason for saying Yes or No. Then tick Yes/No, whichever is proper.

Do you have a separate room for sleep and study? Yes/No

Would you prefer to live in a joint family? Yes/No

Do you get on with people? Yes/No

Do you like the area you live in? Yes/No

Do you find the place overcrowded? Yes/No

Do you use public transport? Yes/No

Would you like a vehicle of your own? Yes/No

Do you like reading? Yes/No

Would you like to be a teacher/doctor/engineer/architect? Yes/No


This should be done by the student himself

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