NCERT Class 7 English Solutions: Three Question Chapter 1– Part 4

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Working with the Poem

Question 1:

Why does the poet say the squirrel “wore a question mark for tail”? Draw a squirrel, or find a picture of a squirrel sitting on the ground. How would you describe its tail?

Squirrel's tail

Squirrel's Tail


The poet said that the squirrel “wore a question mark for a tail” because its tail is twisted appearing like a question mark.

Question 2:

Do we usually say that an animal ‘has’ certain characteristics or features rather than saying ‘wear’. The poet, however, uses the word ‘wear’ to indicate the external characteristics of the squirrel. The dictionary meaning of ‘wear’ suggest something of an outer covering for instance clothes.

Question 3:

He liked to tease and play”. Who is teasing whom? How?


The poet liked to tease and play with the squirrel. Whenever the poet went a little close to the squirrel, the squirrel would run away in the other direction.

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