NCERT Class 7 Chapter 10 English Solutions: The Story of Cricket Part 5

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Speaking and Writing

Question 1:

Complete each of the following words using gh,ff or f. Then say each word clearly after your teacher.

(i) e_____ort

(ii) _____act

(iii) Con ____ess

(iv) lau____ing

(v) Enou___


(vii) Scru_____

(viii) Rou_____

(ix) Sti____ly





(i) Effort

(ii) Fact

(iii) Confess

(iv) laughing

(v) Enough


(vii) Scruff

(viii) Rough

(ix) Stiffly




Question 2:

Write two paragraphs describing a bus ride to watch a cricket match in a village.

Use the following points. Add some of your own.

Cricket match

Cricket Match

• Two - hour journey by bus.

• An old and crowded bus

• Friendly passengers

• Visit to a village fair where the match is to be played.

• The match between two village teams.

• Makeshift stumps, rough pitch and rubber ball

• The match was enjoyable, but the trip was tiring


  • Last Sunday there was a cricket match in the village of Pratapgarh. It is about hundred kilometers for from my town. Early in the morning I started to go there. There was an old bus standing at the bus-stand for that village.

  • Though it was very crowded, I could get a seat. The bus started at 6 am. Mostly the passengers were purely rural. They were talking in rustic manner. They were sweating.

  • A fainting smell had spread all around. Still I was very comfortable. The passengers were coopera- tive. At about 8.30 am the bus reached the village. First I went to visit the temple of Lord Shiva. Then I visited the fair. At about 10 am I reached the cricket ground. A big crowd had assembled there. People were very excited.

  • The match was really full of excitement though in a rural manner. It was a limited over match. It ended in a draw at about 4 pm. I got the same old rickety bus. I reached my home after the living journey. However I enjoyed the match—and the village people.

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