NCERT Class 7 English Solutions: A Gift of Chappals Chapter 1– Part 4

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Speaking and Writing

Question 1:

Discuss in small groups

  • If you want to give away something of your own to the needy, would it be better to ask your elders first?

  • Is there someone of your age in the family who id very talkative? Do you find her/him interesting and impressive or otherwise? Share your ideas with others in the group.

  • Has Rukku Manni done exactly the same as the children? In your opinion, then, is it right for one party to blame the other?


If we want to give away something:

  • If there is something that belongs to us we can give or share it to anyone without seeking the advice of the elders.

  • Yes, we should take the permission of our elders before doing anything. Everything we have is given to us by our parents so we should take their permission or ask them before giving it to anyone.

  • It depends on the purpose and the value of the item that we are giving away to someone. We should decide it on the basis of the situation we are in.

There is someone of my age in the family

  • I have a cousin brother of 9 year of age. He talks a lot.

  • I don’t have anyone in my family who talks a lot

  • My Mamaji tails a lot. But I like the way he talks and I am very fond of him

What Rukku Manni done:

  • Rukku Manni was wrong, she must have been stricter with the children. She should not have scolded Ravi when herself was laughing at the incident after a while.

  • Rukku Manni had been put in an embarrassing situation by the children. The music teacher’s chappals have gone missing from their home. She had to compensate for their act by giving the Gopu Mama’s chappals to the teacher. It was right on her part to be upset

  • Children and Rukku Manni were both doing the same so it was not right for either of them to blame each other

Question 2:

Read the following.

  • A group of children in your class are going to live in a hostel

  • They have been asked to choose a person in the group to share a room with.

  • They are asking each other questions to decide who they would like to share a room with

Ask one another questions about likes/dislikes/preferences/hobbies/personal characteristics. Use the following questions and sentence openings.

(i) What do you enjoy doing after school?

I enjoy……

(ii) What do you like in general?

I Like….

(iii)Do you play any game?

I don’t like………..

(iv) Would you mind if I listened to music after dinner?

I wouldn’t

(v) Will it be all right if I …..?

It’s fine with me …….

(vi) Is there anything you dislike, particularly?

Well, I can’t share….

(vii)Do you kike to attend pafties?

Oh I….

(viii) Would you say you are ….?

I think….


(i) I enjoy going for cricket after the school

(ii) I like to read story books based on science and friction

(iii) I don ‘t like to play indoor games

(iv) I wouldn’t mind if you do with low volume

(v) It’s fine with me till you listen to old songs

(vi) Well, I can’t share my room with any one

(vii) Oh, I don’t like parties

(viii) I think I am a good student of Mathematics

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