NCERT Class 7 English Solutions: A Gift of Chappals Chapter 1– Part 5

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Working with the Poem

Question 1:

Answer the following questions.

(i) If someone doesn’t wear a uniform to school, what do you think the teacher will say?

School Uniform

School Uniform

(ii) When everyone wants a clear sky, what will the rebel want most?

(iii) If the rebel has a dog for a pet, what is everyone else likely to have?

(iv) Why is it good to have rebels?

(iv) Why is it not good to be a rebel oneself?

(vi) Would you like to be a rebel? If yes, why? If not, why not?


(i)The teacher will first of all ask the reason. If he finds the reason genuine he will forgive you. If not, he will punish you.

(ii) When everyone wants a clear sky, the rebel will want rain.

(iii)If the rebel has a dog for a pet, everyone else will likely to have a cat.

(iv) It is good to have rebels because they have enough power and confidence to bring positive changes in a society.

(v) It is not good to be a rebel oneself because nobody likes him and he has to face many odd situations.

(vi)I would like to be a rebel because I want to bring some changes in the established conventions, some of which are totally baseless.

Question 2:

Find in the poem an antonym (word of opposite meaning) to complete each set below.

(i) Long _________________

(ii) Grow _________________

(iii)Quietness ____________

(iv)Sober ______________

(v) Lost ____________


(i) Long Short

(ii) Grow Cut

(iii)Quietness Disturbance

(iv)Sober Fantastic

(v) Lost Found

Question 3:

Find in the poem lines that match the following. Read both after the other.

(i) The rebel refuses to cut his hair.

(ii) He says cats are better.

(iii) He recommends dogs.

(iv) He is unhappy because there is no sun.

(v) He is noisy on purpose


(i) The rebel lets his hair grow long.

(ii) The rebel expresses a preference for cats.

(iii) The rebel puts in a good word for dogs.

(iv) The rebel regrets the absence of sun.

(v) The rebel creates a disturbance

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