NCERT Class 7 English Solutions: Gopal and the Hilsa Fish Chapter 3– Part 3

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Picture Reading

Question 1:

Look at the pictures and read the text aloud

Story of stagn question

Story of Stagn Question

Story of stag

Story of Stag

Now ask your partner questions about each picture.

(a) Where is the stag?

(b) What is he doing?

(c) Does he like his antlers (horns)?

(d) Does he like his legs?

(e) Why is the stag running?

(f) Is he able to hide in the bushes?

(g) Where are the hunters now?

(h) Are they closing in on the stag?

(i) Is the stag free?

(j) What does the stag say about his horns and his legs?

Now write the story in your own words. Give it a title.


(a) The stag is standing by the side of a pond.

(b) The stag is about to drink water when he saw his reflection in the pond.

(c) Yes, he finds them beautiful.

(d) No, the stag finds his legs to be thin and ugly.

(e) The stag is running because he has been chased by the hunters.

(f) No, he is not able to hide in the bushes because his horns got stuck in them.

(g) The hunters are just behind the stag.

(h) Yes, they are closing in on the stage.

(i) The stag was able to run fast because of his legs and is free now.

(j) The stag says that he was proud of his horns, but he would have been killed because of them. He was ashamed of his legs, but they saved his life.

There was a stag, he lived in a jungle. One day he went to drink water in a pond. He saw his reflection in the pond. He felt proud of his beautiful antlers. Then he saw his legs, he was upset because they were thin and ugly. Suddenly, there were hunters behind him. The stag ran to save his life. He wanted to hide in the bushes, but couldn’t as his antlers were stuck in them. He found the hunters just behind him. He ran for his life and was finally saved.

In the end, he realised that he was feeling proud of his antlers, but he would have been killed because of them. He felt ashamed of his legs but was able to save his life ultimately because of them. The title is ‘The Stag and his Beautiful Horns’.

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