NCERT Class 7 English Solutions: The Ashes that Made Trees Bloom Chapter 4– Part 4

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Question 6:

Encircle the correct article.

A: Would you like (a/an/the) apple or (a/an/the) banana?

B: I’d like (a/an/the) apple, please.

A: Take (a/an/the) red one in (a/an/the) fruit bowl. You may take (a/an/the) orange also, if you like.

B: Which one?

A: (a/an/the) one beside (a/an/the) banana.


A: Would you like an apple or a banana?

B: I’d like an apple, please.

A: Take the red one in the fruit bowl. You may take an orange also, if you like.

B: Which one?

A: The one beside the banana.

Speaking and Writing

Question 1:

Do you remember an anecdote or a story about a greedy or jealous person and the unhappy result of his/her action? Narrate the story to others in your class.

Here is one for you to read.

Seeing an old man planting a fig tree, the king asked why he was doing this. The man replied that he might live to eat the fruit, and, even if he did not, his son would enjoy the figs. “Well’, said the king, “if you do live to eat the fruit of this tree, please let me know.” The man promised do so and sure enough, before too long, the tree grew and bore fruit. Packing some fine figs in a basket, the old man set out for the palace to meet the king. The king accepted the gift and gave orders that the old man’s basket be filled with gold. Now/next door to the old man, there lived a greedy old man jealous of his neighbor’s good fortune. He also packed some figs in a basket and took them to the palace in the hope of getting gold.

The king, on learning, the man’s motive, ordered him to stand in the compound and had him pelted with figs. The old man returned home and told his wife the sad story. She consoled him by saying, “You should be thankful that our neighbour did not grow coconuts.”




There was a farmer. He had a hen. He loved his hen very much. It was a gifted hen because it laid one golden egg every day. The farmer used to go to the market and sell that egg. It was the source of his livelihood and happy life. His earning from the golden egg began to grow. Now he was living a good life. But as he grew rich, his greed also grew. One day he thought that there may be some treasure of gold in the hen’s stomach. If he got all the gold, he would be richer. So he decided to get it one day. He cut out the hen’s stomach. But he found nothing inside the stomach except some blood and flesh. The hen was dead. Then the farmer realized what he had done. But now he was helpless. He himself killed the source of his all happiness due to his greed.

Question 2:

Put each of the following in the correct order. Then use them appropriately to fill the blanks in the paragraph that follows. Use correct punctuation marks.

  • English and Hindi /both /in /he writes

  • And only/a few short stories/many books in English/in Hindi

  • Is my Hindi/than my English/much better

Ravi Kant is a Writer, and __________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. Of course, he is much happier writing in English than in Hindi. He has written ______ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I find his books a little hard to understand________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________


Ravi Kant is a Writer, and he writes both in English and Hindi. Of course, he is much happier writing in English than in Hindi. He has written many books in English and only few short stories in Hindi, find his books a little hard to understand my Hindi is much better than my English.

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