NCERT Class 7 English Solutions: The Invention of Vita-Wonk & Dad and the Cat and the Tree Chapter 7– Part 4

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Question 2:

Find out something interesting about age, or growing old, and write a paragraph about it. Following are a few topics, suggested as examples.

∙The age profile of a country’s population – does it have more young people than old people, or vice versa? What are the consequences of this?

∙∴How can we tell how old a tree, a horse, or a rock is?

∙∴What it the ‘life expectancy’ of various populations (how long can they reasonably expect to live)?


  • The age profile of a country depends on the country’s development. As the country develops, the population increases. This group is of the people who are in age of above 60. This scenario leads to need of more age old securing schemes, pension benefit as well as medical facilities In this group we have less working or non-working population.

  • We know that all such things as tree, a horse, a rock is made up of carbon. Half – life of carbon is 7600 years. So by using technique of radio-carbon isotope dating, we can find out how old a particular specimen is.

  • Life expectancy of various living things depend on the species to which it belongs. A few creatures have life expectancy of few minutes, hours or day. At times life expectancy may be upto 200-300 years. The average life expectancy is 60-70 years for human beings.

Working with the Poem

Question 1:

Why was dad sure be wouldn’t fall?


Dad was sure that he wouldn’t fall because he considered himself to be a climber and so climbing the trees was a child’s play for him.

Question 2:

Which phrase in the poem expresses Dad’s self-confidence best?


The phrase in the poem expresses Dad’s self-confidence best is ‘child’s play, this is!’

Question 3:

Describe plan A and its consequences.


Plan A was to use a ladder for climbing the tree and bringing the cat down but the ladder slipped and dad ended up falling in the flower bed.

Question 4:

Plan C was a success. What went wrong then?


Plan C was a success because dad could successfully jump and reach the tree but the ladder directly on the cat. The cat started yelling and ran to the ground but poor old dad got stuck on the tree

Question 5:

The cat was very happy to be on the ground. Pick out the phrase used to express this idea


The phrase used to express this idea is ‘Pleased as Punch to be’.

Question 6:

Describe the Cat and Dad situation in the beginning and at the end of the poem.


The cat had got stuck on the tree and dad decided to help her by making different plans so that he could bring it down in the beginning. But by the end of the poem the cat sprang and ran to the ground safely but dad got stuck on the tree.

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