NCERT Class 9 English Solutions: Chapter 9 The Bond of Love Part 1

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Question 1:

Given in the box are some headings. Find the relevant paragraph in the text to match the headings.

Headings in the box

Headings in the Box

Headings in the box


(i) An Orphaned Cub – paragraph 3

(ii) Bruno’s Food-chart – paragraph 6

(iii) An Accidental Case of Poisoning – paragraph 8

(iv) Playful Baba – paragraph 12

(v) Pain of Separation – paragraph 14

(vi) Joy of Reunion – paragraph 16

(vii) A Request to the Zoo – paragraph 18

(viii) An Island in the Courtyard – paragraph 21

Example of food chart

Food Chart

Example of food chart

Running children

Image Of

Running children

Question 2:

Answer the following questions.

Q. “I got him for her by accident.”

(i) Who says this?

A. The narrator made this statement.

(ii) Who do ‘him’ and ‘her’ refer to?

A. Here, ‘him’ refers to the sloth bear and ‘her’ refers to the narrator’s wife.

(iii) What is the incident referred to here?

A. Passing through the sugarcane fields near Mysore, they saw people shooting and driving away the wild pigs from the fields. Suddenly, a black sloth bear appeared and one of the narrator’s companions shot it on the spot. The fallen animal was unfortunately riding on its mother’s back. The narrator ran, captured, and presented it to his wife. This incident is referred to in the above statement.

Q. “He stood on his head in delight.”

(i) Who does ‘he’ refer to?

A. Here, ‘he’ refers to the bear Bruno.

An adult bear is quite large

Bears Small and Big

An adult bear is quite large

(ii) Why was he delight?

A. Bruno was delighted to see the narrator’s wife. It stood in delight when she petted it through bars. It was sad and refused to eat food given at the zoo, but became happy and recognized her even from yards away.

Q. “We all missed him greatly: but in a sense we were relieved.”

(i) Who does ‘we all’ stand for?

A. Here, ‘we all’ stands for the narrator, his wife and his son.

(ii) Who did they miss?

A. They missed Bruno (Baba).

(iii) Why did they nevertheless feel relieved?

A. They felt relieved because Baba got too big to be kept at home and hence was sent off to a zoo.

Question 3:

Answer the following question in 30 to 40 words each.

Q. On two occasions, Bruno ate or drank something that should not be eaten or drunk.

A. Following are two incidents

  • Bruno ate some poison meant for rats. Then it was not able to stand on its feet and had to be rushed to vet’s residence, where it was finally cured.

  • Later, it drank nearly a gallon of old engine oil but fortunately remained unaffected.

Q. Was Bruno a loving and playful pet? Why, then, did he have to be sent away?

A. Yes, Bruno was a loving and playful pet. Everybody in the family was attached to it, especially the narrator's wife. It had to be sent away to a zoo because it became too big to be kept at home.

Q. How was the problem of what to do with Bruno finally solved?

A. Bruno was not happy at the zoo. Seeing its happiness on seeing the narrator’s wife, Bruno was allowed to go back to Bangalore, where an island was made for it, with everything it needed.

Question 1:

Q. Find these words in the lesson. They all have ie or ei in them.

Table of Find These Words in the Lesson. They All Have Ie or Ei in Them.
Table of Find these words in the lesson. They all have ie or ei in them.

F ____ Id

Ingred _____ nts

H ______ ght

Misch ______ vous

fr ____ nds

______ ghty-seven

rel ______ ved

p ______ ce


Table of Answer They All Have Ie or Ei
Table of Answer They All Have ie or ei









Q. Now here are some more words. Complete them with ei or ie. Consult a dictionary

If necessary.

Table of Some Words Complete Them with Ei or Ie
Table of Some Words Complete Them With ei or ie

bel ___ ve

rec ___ ve

w ___ rd

I ___ sure

s ___ ze

W ___ ght

r ___ gn

Gr ___ f

p ___ rce

p ___ rce

(There is a popular rule of spelling: ‘i' before ‘e’ except after ‘c’. Check if this rule is true by looking at the words above.)


Table of Answer of Some Words Complete with Ei or Ie
Table of Answer of Some Words Complete With ei or ie