NCERT Class 9 Solutions: The French Revolution (India and the Contemporary World-I) Chapter 1– Part 3

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Q-3. Describe the legacy of the French Revolution for the peoples of the world during the 19th and 20th centuries.


In the History the French Revolution was the most significant event which gave three main ideas to the world and they are liberty, equality and fraternity which affects the modern world in following way:

Three important ideas of French Revolution are Equality, Liberty and Fraternity

Three Important Ideas of French Revolution

Three important ideas of French Revolution are Equality, Liberty and Fraternity

  • The French Revolution give the idea of People’s Republic in Europe and later in many parts of the world and also ended the concept of arbitrary rule.

  • With the concept of freedom and liberty the revolution also inspired the people which later formed the basis of the national sovereignty throughout the world.

  • The French Revolution introduced the idea of equal rights for all the citizens, which later became the idea of equality prior to the law for all people.

  • The revolution also include the most important attributes of human fraternity for encouraging the concept of love, unity and co-operation in the different sections of the society.

  • The term ‘Nation’ was introduced by the French Revolution which promoted the idea of ‘nationalist’ and also inspired Poland, Germany, Netherlands and Italy’s peoples to create Nation-States in their countries.

  • On the ruling monarchs the French Revolution had a great salutary effect which acquired many measures to check welfare of peoples by presenting many reforms.

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