NCERT Class 9 Solutions: Pastoralists in the Modern World History (India and the Contemporary World-I) Chapter 6– Part 5

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Opium production in India

Q-9. Why were Indian farmers reluctant to grow opium?


Opium Production in India

Opium Production in India

Opium Production in India

Here are the reasons why Indian farmers were reluctant to grow opium:

  1. The opium require best land for grown. Farmers liked to produce pulses in the well manured and nearby fields. If they planted opium on this land, then they could not grow pulses. They were forced to grow the pulses on the poor quality land where yield was low and uncertain.

  2. Many farmers did not own land. They had to pay rent to grow opium and also good land nearer to the villages had high rent.

  3. The opium plant was very delicate are require extreme care. The farming techniques of opium were thus too difficult. Farmers had to spend long hours nurturing the crop.

  4. Since opium was smuggled to China, Colonial Government paid very low price for the opium production to the cultivators. So there was no profit for the farmers to grow opium at that price.

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