NCERT Class 9 Solutions: History and sport: The Story of Cricket (India and the Contemporary World-I) Chapter 7– Part 3

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Q-5. How have advances in technology, especially television technology, affected the development of contemporary cricket?


Development of advanced technology such as television technology played a big role development of contemporary cricket. The key was rapid increase in advertisement revenue with increase in viewership.

  • Rights for telecasting crickets on television were sold to television companies. This made a great source of revenue and income for Cricket boards.

  • Television channels sold television spots to companies which thereby advertised the products to a large audience and got huge profits.

    television a key technology behing popularity of cricket

    Television a Key Technology Behing Popularity of Cricket

    television a key technology behing popularity of cricket

  • Nonstop television coverage made cricketers superstars. They became rich because they were paid by both cricket boards and commercials companies for endorsements.

  • Audience of Cricket were expanded as television became more popular and Cricket now reached all the smaller towns and even the smallest of villages. People now watched and learned by imitating their heroes.

  • With the coloured uniforms, protective equipment’s, field regulations, and day-night, limited-overs matches’ pre-industrial, rural game now transformed into a 21st century tournament, simultaneously telecast in multiple languages across the globe to billions of viewers.

  • As most viewer were Indians economic balance of power shifted to South Asia. ICC headquarters shifted from London to tax-free Dubai.

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